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Bruce's latest video message

In this seminal teaching, Bruce discusses the Great Commission and how Jesus was called first to the Jewish family before the gospel could go into the whole world. 


However, the Gospel that we carry is to go to the uttermost parts of the world.

In this powerful message, Bruce shares about his love of art and how the gospel was presented in another generation.


He brings his message to a fascinating conclusion about how we should always preach the gospel - in the context of the generation we live in.

The Righteousness Of God


Studies in 1 John - Walking in the Light

In this powerful series spoken at Stiebel Place in Frankston, Bruce unpacks the eternal truths from 1 John. He challenges us to study the word of God within the context of its original purpose and to try to understand to whom and for whom was it written.

Prophetic Trends

Nationalism versus Globalism

Bruce shares a remarkable word in season about what the Father is saying and doing in the world. In this video Bruce shares some really insightful thoughts about how history often repeats and he unpacks some interesting prophetic trends in the world - particularly about Nationalism versus Globalism. 

City of Refuge

In this powerful message Bruce draws a line from the city of refuges that were established to protect the hunted in the old testament to the picture of the church as a city of refuge to the lost and lonely ones!


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House of Mercy - House of Miracles

In the Gospel of John, chapter five, we read about the healing of a man at the pool of Bethesda. The name ‘Bethesda’ is a compilation of two words of Hebrew and/or Aramaic origin: beth, meaning ‘house’, and esda meaning ‘mercy’ or ‘grace’.

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The Many Disguises of Jesus

Several years ago I read a book entitled ‘The Holocaust: a history of the Jews of Europe during the Second World War’ by Martin Gilbert. Of the many heart-wrenching stories of courage and sacrifice, one in particular stood out to me. The author describes an incident that took place in the town of Ejszyszki in southeastern Lithuania, in the fall of 1941. 

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A Friend of Tax collectors &


Matthew’s gospel highlights the contrasting relationship that Jesus had with two groups of people at the polar opposites of Jewish society: ‘tax collectors and sinners’ and ‘scribes and Pharisees’.


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